“We had a WONDERFUL experience at Red Moon Ranch with Skip and Doug! Skip spent a couple hours with our daughter, teaching her some horse basics then moving on to some riding. Not only is Skip incredibly knowledgeable about horses and riding but he is an amazing teacher. Our daughter loved the lesson and had a really great time. We will definitely be scheduling more lessons in the future! Thanks Skip and Doug.”

~Meriah BarnesJuly 2018




As a 13 year old, A slight equestrian, like myself, I would have to say that meeting Skip and all of his beautiful horses was truly a wonderful experience. My parents and I love to visit Sedona and our last trip was ten times better than ever before! The concierge at our condo recommended that we visit Skip Bertuzzi at Red Moon Ranch for a horse-back riding experience. She said that he was a, true Horse Whisperer and there was nobody better to learn the dance from, and boy was she right! Now, I am not saying that there is not a lot of fun an interesting things to do in Sedona (I am a fan of the jeep tours myself) but visiting Skip, is by far the best!!!

When we first arrived, I was very nervous. Not about meeting Skip, I was nervous about the fact that I had not been on a horse in almost two years. But after I met Skip, all of my worries disappeared. My first lesson with him was the Horse Medicine. I was pretty surprised at how easy riding is when you Let Go and Dance with the horse. I didn’t talk much, but inside I was soaking up as much of the information as I possibly could.

My Mom and Dad were pretty amazed as well at how much they just picked up from watching the lesson. The way Skip can move and communicate with his horses is again truly amazing!!!

I also did the Secret Language of Horses lesson. Skip’s lesions are filled with information, fun, humor, and some games! The game, which in its self is very fun, taught me how to really think like a horse!

My Mom and I went on a trail ride with Skip our last day in Sedona. I think my mother enjoyed the scenery as much as I enjoyed the riding!

I want to say thanks to Skip, for helping me grow as a rider in just the few days that we knew you! And thank you for opening my options of getting my own horse! My Mom and Dad finally realize how much I really can accomplish with a horse on seven acres! We have started looking already!!! Thank you Skip!!! ~Anna Rose~ Feb 9, 2010

Hi Skip — “Your reputation as a horse whisperer is well deserved. Thanks for the great experience you provided for our daughter 13 year old daughter Anna while we were in Sedona. Anna learned more about how horses think and behave in two sessions with you than she has in more than two years of riding lessons. If we lived within 100 miles of you, Anna would be taking lessons with you every week. Actually, Rose and I would probably be taking lessons along with Anna — we were fascinated watching you work with the horses. You have a real gift, my friend. When we got home we decided we might be able to get a horse for Anna after all. We see now that there is a lot more to working with horses than just riding. I will give you a call soon and fill you in on the plans. I would like to pick your brain for some advice too. Best regards from all of us.”
-Gary and Rosemary Harvey Feb 9, 2010

“I highly recommend Red Moon Ranch for a fantastic riding experience. The Lessons on natural horsemanship are so amazing and you go away with a real understanding of how horses think. The trails behind the ranch are fun and the views are wonderful!” -Linnea Jan 21, 2010

“Skip’s the one! That’s right… for beginners like me or equestrians like my girlfriend. He knows horses and he’s a terrific teacher. In 5 lessons I’ve gone from knowing nothing and being timid around horses to open field loping and loving horses. He has a gift. Drop by and meet him… you’ll be glad you did!” -Thomas Jan 22, 2010

Mo, Melanie and Freedom!

What I really want to say is “there are no words”. However, as true as those four words are to describe the most transformative experience of my life, they don’t say enough.

It has been over 30 years since I rode a horse. After a very bad fall when I was 12, with my head and knees landing on rocks I developed a very serious fear allergy. Whenever I was around a horse I would be covered in hives, my throat would close and my face would blow up like a balloon with only slits for my eyes. Even the thought of being near or looking at a horse in pictures would initiate a reaction.

I learned about Skip, Heart Centered Horsemanship and Red Moon Ranch Sedona in September 2009. While on a trip to Sedona an Angel made sure that his card got into my hands. It took me a month to muster the courage to call him and make arrangements to meet with him in January 2010 on my next visit to Sedona. I automatically felt at ease with Skip and took his suggestions for getting ready seriously and started doing the exercises he recommended.

I arrived at the ranch in January 2010 with the intention that by the end of the 7 days of working with Skip and his horses that I would be on the back of horse again and my allergy would be gone. I had no idea the week would be the most transformational of my life. Within 2 days of working with him I was up on the back of his incredibly gentle horse, Mo. I cried tears of joy as Skip lead me around the round pen riding Mo bareback. I felt so complete, I was home! .

For the next 3 days I learned as much as I could about the horses and in doing so learned so much more about myself. It was so much more than getting back on a horse and releasing my allergy…it was about finding me, finding my balance, my core truth. I found who I am at the very core of my being and released so many of the things that have held me back over my lifetime. I learned to surrender and trust 100%, allowing me to connect deeply with all that surrounded me. On our final day together, day 6, we went for the most amazing, relaxing 3 hour ride in the desert…euphoria.

I received a very Sacred Gift that week…Freedom. How do I thank Skip and Mo for the incredible joy and bliss that I feel? I say “I am home”. Sent with so much gratitude, -Melanie Jan 22, 210

I’m terribly missing the whole AZ experience more now after downloading and looking at the photos taken. Photos of the red rock formations and places we hiked off the beaten path give me a tickling tingle feeling.  Sweet.  We’ll be back to visit again.  We (I) had such a great time riding and chatting with you.  It didn’t feel awkward. Meeting you was a great highlight of the trip south.  I’m craving another ride about.  It’s an addiction started all over again.  Thank you.  ~Donna & Tom, Alaska, February 2010

Skip we can’t thank you enough for your patience with us as we refreshed our memories of our horseback riding experiences. We can’t think of a better way to view Sedona than on horseback! The trail you took us on was much more interesting and exciting than we had even anticipated. Your love for the horses and the environment is so refreshing. Thank goodness for people like you! We hope to see you on our next visit.
~Deb and Richard, March 2010

Thanks again for the lesson.  We had a great a time and lots of fun.  We hope we can do that again soon. ~Chantal, Los Angeles March 2010

Skip, Just wanted to tell you how much my daughter, Marissa and I enjoyed our time spent at your ranch.  We loved the 2 hour ride and the great conversation as well.  Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge about horses and healing.  It is something that we will never forget and always treasure!  ~Elizabeth, April 2010

Like Avatar, Feel the Horse!
article by Betty-Ann Heggie, Journalist
March 3, 2010

When I went to the movie Avatar I was blown away by how much one of the scenes emulated a recent experience in my life. It was when Jake Sulley was being taught to ride the horse by feeling it. He was essentially getting out of his masculine, thinking world to connect with feminine energy and that’s what I did recently when I tried a method called “Horse Medicine”.

I sat atop the bare back of the horse, without the benefit of either stirrups or reins. My eyes were closed and my hands were placed on my thighs. The situation felt precarious, but Skip, the horse whisperer my husband and I met in Sedona (www.redmoonranchsedona.com), instructed me to relax my breathing and release all fear. As Skip led the horse around the corral, he urged me to feel the spine of the horse beneath me and to get into the rhythm of his walk.

Eventually I relaxed and sensed the horse’s simple gait. I was amazed by how quickly my balance adjusted and my confidence grew, even without the ability to see. Now comfortable, I couldn’t resist showing off by sticking my arms straight out from my shoulders like a kid on a bike saying, “Look Ma, no hands!”

Skip encouraged me to consider my interaction with the horse as if it were a dance; I laughed, warning him that I’ve never been a good follower on the ballroom floor either!

The horse sensed me becoming more at ease and more in tune with his movement, and he accordingly sped up into a trot. I took this as my cue to let go of control and simply respond. Thinking and analysis was out of the question – it was imperative to just feel and to trust in the process.

And it felt euphoric! In our hectic world it is not easy to let go and allow things to unfold, but that is exactly what happens when we ride bareback on a horse with our eyes closed. The experience gave me a great sense of the true meaning of feminine energy, leading me to these concluding thoughts:

1) There is a rhythm to the world that we can feel if we shut out our thinking long enough to let it come through.

2) We can trust our feelings to guide us. Rather than trying to control the process, we can live with more harmony if we allow things to evolve and choose to simply respond to these changes.

This helped Jake Sully in Avatar, and it helped me. Can you see it helping you?

We thoroughly enjoyed our hour with you in the desert riding horseback. She is still talking about it! ~Alan & Nancy

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