Red Moon Ranch has Moved! To Nevada City, California…

We did it! We pulled up stakes and moved the entire ranch to Nevada City, California! Why? Simple. It is of course about balance, harmony, and listening to inner guidance about what is most important.

To me, it was living closer to my kids, the horses and I living in a much more well rounded and water rich climate, and getting back to my roots in California. Now I can explore on horseback, thousands of miles of amazing rivers, lakes, hills, mountains and valleys that I haven’t yet and my horses, goats and chickens have a lot more room. There is much more to come about why Nevada City in particular, in the meantime I am fiercely busy making it an amazing place, a dream come true.

I am also busy scheduling both old and new clients for the Heart Centered Services I offer since no one seems to mind much that we are a definite work in progress at this new location. Please drop me a note if that’s you. I will be putting up on this site some of my favorite lodging, recreation, food and other ‘things to do’ that this area is known for. Nevada County Gold is a great start!

Thanks to everyone for all of your well wishes, Skip

P.S. The Contact-Booking Info tab on this site will still reach me. The phone # is 928-202-7126. Please don’t hesitate to call or write with any questions!

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