Support Local Youth

The dynamics between horses and children are so profound and beautiful to witness. Both have an openness and an unfiltered way in which they perceive the world that can provide the ideal context for exploration, learning and growth. To see a child’s face light up when the connection to such a large being is achieved is purely magical. For children, the experiences and memories gained during time spent working with horses provides a rich context for many aspects of navigating through life.

Unfortunately, not all families are able to facilitate these kinds of experiences financially. Red Moon Ranch is proud and honored to have worked with many kids throughout the years and we are committed to continuing this important work. Please join us in this mission to serve youth by contributing to our scholarship fund. These monies go directly to fund horseback riding lessons and sessions for children whose families are unable to afford them. Please click the button below to contribute today. Thank you!

*Please choose the “Friends and Family” option if prompted to do so when making your donation. Thank you for your support of local youth!