About the Ranch


Skip Bertuzzi came to the original Red Moon Ranch with the idea that this was going to be much more than a ‘horse ranch.’ He knew it would be a healing facility, where the horses in residence were facilitators of all kinds of healing for the humans that visited and worked with them. That is exactly what happened at Red Moon Ranch, Sedona. Now Skip is making that magic happen at Red Moon Ranch, California. The Red Moon Ranch has moved to an equally powerful location, Nevada City, also renowned for its incredible natural beauty, rich history, and spiritual strength.

The Red Moon is a quickening time and is an opportunity for spiritual growth.  The anchor for Red Moon Ranch is providing a safe, supportive, environment for transformation and learning to take place; whether it is for the horse or the human.   At Red Moon Ranch horses get a respite as well as the humans.   All the horses at the ranch are rescue horses who have been given a second chance.  We are constantly working with their emotional development and supporting them to be brave.  We are helping them recognize their boundaries, and to step beyond their own limitations.  Working alongside the horses, we offer the same growth opportunities to humans.

Red Moon Ranch offers healing & learning through equine assisted self-discovery.  Whether it be deepening your connection to yourself and the horses through heart centered horsemanship, to conquering a fear of riding out on the trails, to learning from the horses how you could push your own boundaries in your life.

“I think that we all teach what we need to learn on this journey of self-discovery. I found this to be a very dynamic tool for myself and it helps me to be more soft and more subtle. Horses are a perfect mirror of how we represent ourselves to the world. Once you learn that the horses study every move that you make, then you start carrying yourself in a more conscious way.” -Skip