Horse Therapy–A Way to Let Go and Trust

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Bareback, eyes closed on the Medicine Horse

Horse Therapy–A Way to Let Go and Trust

My love of horses eventually took me to Sedona, Arizona where I was hired as a horse therapist. Each year, between 3 and 5 million people come to Sedona in search of healing modalities. Some  are looking to cure a particular disease or find relief from a chronic condition, but most are looking for a way to heal their past or a current situation, or they’re at a crossroad in their life and want to make a change. The important point here is that they are in an open state of mind where they are  receptive to positive experiences and suggestions.

For many people, nothing promotes change like sitting on top of a thousand pounds of muscle with your eyes closed and trusting your guide to lead you and on a safe journey. For some, this is the first time they have trusted anyone–including themselves.

We all have an inner guide–the part of us that’s our authentic being. This is the part that helps us make good decisions and choices that are in our best interest. When someone sits on the horse and allows themselves to experience deep trust and authenticity, they are able to hear the quiet whisper of that guide. Sometimes, this brings up deep emotions and fears that have been suppressed for years. That’s when the true healing begins.

Horse therapy is about letting go and trusting the experience  enough to feel and release emotions. It’s such a simple process, but the results are always life-affirming and often life-changing.


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