Horse Medicine

SkipNTrinka 600 x 435

“In order to be in harmony with the horse, we have to let go.  In order to be in harmony with life, we have to let go of judgment.  We build our lessons in life by what we put out there.  The horses reflect this back to us.  They show us where we are in life.” -Skip Bertuzzi

Bareback on a Medicine Horse , with your eyes closed, you will be transported on an inner journey of balance and harmony. Completely supported by your guide, your confidence grows step by step as you learn to dance with the horse. This inner journey will have a profound effect on your daily life.  $125. pp/per hour

What others are saying about this experience…

“My Sacred Gifts received this week ~ As I prepare to leave Sedona I wanted to share with you a few of the gifts that I received this week. I knew this was going to be a very special time for me and I am so very grateful for having done the work to prepare me for my time here.  Breathing and Opening: It is my lifeline to my Soul.     Letting go of control: By letting go of control, I surrendered to all that was waiting for me to embrace.  Surrender: As I Surrendered I connected deeper with my Soul and went with the flow allowing trust to develop.   Trust: It is the key to my Freedom.  Unconditional love:I am enough, I am lovable Joy: My cup runeth over.  Patience: No need to rush enjoy every second, everything happens at exactly the right moment…and then magic.   Vulnerability: Allowing myself to be me, knowing there are no judgments.  Take time to play: It fills my Soul and my little girl gets all giddy and jumps up and with down, laughing and giggling.   Embracing my feminine energy: this was the most amazing gift of all…and the one I am most grateful for.  This week was so much more than being with the horses…it was about embracing Me. My heart is so full of love and joy right now that I can honestly say…there are no words.
My experience here with the horses has given me so many more gifts than I can ever express. Every moment I spent here, I unwrapped another Sacred Gift. I am so grateful to Mo and Skip for their guidance, teaching, unconditional love, support and patience. They are sacred gifts to me…thank you. I am home!”       Much love, -Melanie Jan 22, 2010