Why Re

Why Rescue?

If you are a friend of Red Moon Ranch you may have noticed that we’ve welcomed some new horses to the ranch in the last several months. These new additions to our herd came from situations of need and so we definitely consider them to be rescue circumstances. You may also know that we’ve had […]

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What's Happening at the Ranch

What’s Happening at the Ranch!

Spring is here! Along with sunshine and green grass comes a new season full of opportunities for Red Moon Ranch to further serve and connect with our friends and community. Trail Riding at Red Moon Ranch Since moving to the property 6 years ago, the ranch has doubled in size growing from 20 to 40 […]

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horses and kids

Horses and Kids

The dynamics between horses and children are so profound and beautiful to witness. Both have an openness and an unfiltered way in which they perceive the world that can provide the ideal context for exploration, learning and growth. To see a child’s face light up when the connection to such a large being is achieved […]

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horse medicing

Horse Medicine

It’s no secret that spending time with our equine companions has so many benefits for our emotional well-being. Some of these include: Increased self-awareness, including a better understanding of how we are experienced by the world around us Improved relationships Improved mood and ability to self-regulate: Spending time with animals increases Serotonin, the “mood-enhancing” hormone […]

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Horse time

Horse Time

Time has been identified throughout the ages as perhaps the most precious commodity we have. For many people, particularly in our fast-paced society and culture, time is the dictator of everything. The day is started at the sound of an alarm, and often every moment of the day is accounted for by what must happen […]

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the beautiful herd

The Beautiful Herd

If you know what you are observing, the experience of watching a herd of horses interact can be a beautiful and profound experience. There are both simple and complex dynamics at play that, with some understanding, can impact how we conduct our lives and interact with those around us. While much of our society is […]

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Horses and Mindfulness

Horses and Mindfulness

“Mindfulness” is a term that seems to be thrown around quite a bit in therapeutic and personal development arenas in recent years. What is it exactly? While it’s easier to comprehend its meaning through practices which promote it, mindfulness can be put in to words in the following way: “…the basic human ability to be […]

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Photo by Fabian Burghardt

The Peace of the Alpha

The term “alpha” has earned a negative connotation in our current language. It implies dominance and suggests an unhealthy power dynamic. In a herd, however, it’s important to remember that a dominance hierarchy promotes harmony. Often times the alpha of a herd is an older mare. Why is this? Robert Miller, DVM, who has studied […]

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Lessons We Can Learn From Horses: Be a Leader

Lessons We Can Learn From Horses: Be a Leader There are many lessons we can learn from horses, so the next few posts will cover them. When people first meet, they generally have mutual respect for one another, or at least make an effort to be pleasant and cordial. As humans, we spend time getting […]

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