About Skip


skipWarm, friendly and immensely intuitive is a good start in describing Skip Bertuzzi, and only scratches the surface. Skip is now in his 11th year running ranches aimed at the healing and growth of ‘humans’ through heart centered horsemanship. Most recently, since 2007 Skip has been providing life-changing experiences with horses from his “Red Moon Ranch” in the beautiful red rock country of Sedona, Arizona. In 2011  Skip uprooted the entire operation to relocate in California’s beautiful gold country.

Skip is a horse trainer with a different mission than most, he cheerfully describes his program as one of help and understanding for both student and horse. Skip believes that those who were fortunate enough to ride when they were children were able to relate and connect to the horse in a more relaxed way, therefore naturally going with the movement of the horse. “Perhaps there wasn’t a conscious level of fear then and we remember more the feeling of joy and how the horse carried us with ease and respect.”

Skip is not into instructing you on how to win at a horse show, but rather how to accomplish the artful riding skills of connecting with yourself and the horse, true natural balance, mutual respect, and the ability to recognize and identify signs that horses give and how they communicate. Skip feels that the first step to becoming a good horseman or horsewoman is to “surrender to the natural movement of the horse.”

His program includes steps that will get you and the horse to a place of confidence and secure balance. One method on Skip’s path to balance is to have you ride bareback. Without the saddle you must surrender to the horse’s movement helping you become one with the horse. This exercise also puts you in the center of the horse’s movement and with practice your balance is continually improved. While you enjoy becoming a better happier rider, the horse is appreciating the fact that you are more comfortable for him to carry because you are not in opposition to his gait and movement; you are more likely an extension on his back instead of a burden.

Skip’s intention is ultimately helping you find more balance and harmony in your personal and professional life by using the horse as a mirror: Because the horse is so sensitive it will reflect your natural behaviors.

There is a magical transformation happening as you surrender to the horse. As you harmonize with the horse’s movement, your confidence and creativity will be given freedom. This process will help you move into the “now” and can be applied to your every day life.

While Skip is a horse trainer, he also loves working with people.   He works to implement a safe, relaxed, enjoyable, and educational environment with loads of encouragement. The whole idea of this type of instruction is for the student to recapture the joy of riding and actually communicating with their horse to fearlessly venturing out on the trail.

Skip creates a bridge for others to engage authentic self through natural horsemanship.

Featured on the front page of “Horse Tales” magazine in 2006.